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Montgomery, AL Attic Insulation ReplacementIf you’re looking to replace your Montgomery, AL attic insulation, now is the best time. Your old fiberglass insulation can’t compete with energy efficient spray foam.

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Attic space is the biggest layer of insulation between you and heat or cold temperatures outside. As a full service spray foam insulation company, we make sure your attic is insulated properly.

Spray Foam Insulation for Attics

Did you know the best way to seal your attic from cold drafts, roofing heat and air conditioning loss is by installing spray foam? Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF forms an air tight seal in even the draftiest attics.

There are two types of spray foam used for Montgomery, AL attic insulation; open cell & closed cell. Open cell foam will almost always be chosen for attics because it is air tight and very affordable. Closed cell is waterproof, mainly used for roofs and the more expensive of the two.

Attic Insulation Removal Service
Removing old attic insulation is nasty and even hazardous job. Only a professional insulation removal company should be used for this chore. Most attics have blown-in or rolled fiberglass blanketing the walls, floor and ceiling. While it’s certainly better than nothing, replacing it with new, energy efficient spray foam insulation can dramatically lower your utility bill.

iFoam, LLC is a Montgomery, AL attic insulation company that specializes in spray foam insulation for homes and businesses. We remove, replace and install more attic insulation than you can imagine. Our prices are affordable and our service is dependable and reputable.

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